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A Trip to the Top

Let’s take a little trip up to the top of my house, to where I (might) need help. I’ve mentioned before that if my house doesn’t sell (though of course I’m still hoping fervently that it does…and does so in … Continue reading

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‘Tis all men’s office to speak patience’

“I pray thee peace, I will be flesh and blood; For there was never yet philosopher That could endure the toothache patiently, However they have writ the style of gods, And made a push at chance and sufferance.” — William … Continue reading

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I tried a new, though inadvertent, sales tactic today: locking the viewer in the house. The realtor and her client arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled appointment, just as I was finishing my final “show prep” (which means turning on … Continue reading

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You Know the Aphorism ‘Be Careful What You Wish For?’

Just two days ago, I was lamenting the fact that there were no house projects on which I could work, because it would be beyond foolish to dig into something guaranteed to make a mess. Oops. Yesterday evening, after arriving … Continue reading

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Sod’s Law

With no showings since last Friday, I’ve been letting things slide. Last night, I left the toaster on the counter (along with some crumbs, no doubt), and I allowed my clean dishes to drip dry instead of using a towel … Continue reading

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‘What Is That Thing?’

I’m sorely tempted to install new kitchen countertops from – gasp – Ikea, because I know it would instantly update the look of the kitchen…but the real reason is because I find it frustrating to not be working on something. … Continue reading

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I was looking through some old issues (but not that old…) of PWM today and came across this column. I’ll just say that I’m glad it didn’t last long. As if the answers to woodworking questions are different for wom….Nope. … Continue reading

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