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The Price of Nostalgia

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been making a desultory effort to literally lighten my load – the moving company charges by weight for storage, and the less to pack, the better. Like most people, I suspect, I’ve for years … Continue reading

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Painted Cabinets & Shiny Hardware

Colin asked me to comment on painting my kitchen cabinets. I started to simply respond, but I figured why not just post it (and I’m surprised I haven’t already written about it!). So: The why, how and what of my … Continue reading

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Cincinnati Plumbers: Take My Money, Please!

Warning: Not for the easily grossed out. Two plumbers ran a camera scope from the clean-out port in my basement out toward the main; both said I had a blockage. I refused to believe it.  After all, I’ve had no … Continue reading

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A Short Video Tour of the Finished Kitchen

If my luck improves a little bit and I’m able to get the sewer crap sorted in a timely and affordable manner, my mom won’t get to see the finished kitchen project (she lives 600 miles away and gets to … Continue reading

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Trouble Above, Trouble Below

I got and accepted a surprise offer (friends of friends) on my house in late February, just before I put the finishing touches on the kitchen. I’ve not said anything publicly because I didn’t want to jinx things. I might … Continue reading

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432 Days & $4,000 Later…

It’s been 432 days since I eased into rehabbing my kitchen by gingerly and carefully removing one of the paint-over-contact paper-over-MDF big-box cabinets that used to grace the space. I admit, the “before” shot from when I had it on … Continue reading

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