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Owner’s Signatures

Leaf through “Mechanic’s Companion,” and you’ll find a signature at the top of some of the pages. Those are, I assume, the signature of the original owner (J. Hildebrand?) of the book I scanned to produce my printing. So why … Continue reading

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‘Mechanic’s Companion’ in Brooklyn & Canada

I’m pleased to announce that soon, “Mechanic’s Companion” will be available through Tools for Working Wood in Brooklyn, N.Y., and its website and at Lee Valley Tools stores in Canada and the company’s online store. Both also ship international. (I … Continue reading

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‘The Workbench,’ à la Nicholson

Last week, 99 boxes of “The Mechanic’s Companion” arrived on my sidewalk, and one by one, I hauled about one-quarter of them up the stairs and into the house. Two by two, Christopher Schwarz hauled in the other three-quarters. (He … Continue reading

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‘What’s With the Weird Cat Logo?’

“What’s with the weird cat logo,” asked someone on Sunday – and I have received other iterations of said question in the last seven months. In short, as you might know, I love both cats and woodworking, and while it … Continue reading

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‘Mechanic’s Companion’ Arrives This Week

I’m told by my printer that “The Mechanic’s Companion” will leave the plant tomorrow to head toward my warehouse (a.k.a. my dining room) in Cincinnati. As soon as the boxes arrive, I’ll start shipping out all the pre-publication orders in … Continue reading

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‘The Rules,’ According to David Savage

Editor’s note: I’m working flat out this week to get all the images sorted for David Savage’s forthcoming book “The Intelligent Hand,” coming this fall from Lost Art Press. Both Christopher Schwarz and I have completed line edits, so it … Continue reading

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Last-minute (Almost) Opening in Tray Class

Are you free next weekend and want to learn to cut dovetails – and have a great time doing it? Due to an injury, one of the six students (low teacher-to-student ratio!) for next weekend’s Dovetailed Silverware Tray Class has … Continue reading

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