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Editor & content director for Popular Woodworking, ABD PhD focused on early modern drama, freelance content and copy editor/writer, ailurophile

Ray Davies is So Right

The basement ablutions are beginning to wear. But hey – I have a basket – all I need is to put some lotion in it and I’m ready for a remake of “Silence of the Lambs.” Yes, I could clean … Continue reading

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Half of a Sink (or, The Wussy Remodeler)

I want my friends to remain my friends (I also want my new tub to survive the move). So I’ve hired a piano moving company to shift the 335-lb. cast iron behemoth from my front hallway to the guest bath … Continue reading

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Hurry Up & Wait

You know what you can’t just pick up at the home center? Any of the supplies or products I need to finish the guest bathroom floor. So thanks to the Internet, I’ve stuff coming from around the country. Because naturally, … Continue reading

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Call me ‘Pig-Pen’

I don’t think Charles Schulz every revealed “Pig-Pen’s” given name; henceforth, let’s assume it’s Megan. Faced with a drain leak in my only working tub/shower, I called my plumber. I thought the junction from the P-bend-straight bit to the angled … Continue reading

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Bringing Down the House, Possibly

Load-bearing or not – that is the question. The studs are toenailed directly to the 3/4″ pine floorboards; there’s no plate, and they don’t sit atop a joist. Above is the wall between my bedroom and the bathroom – and … Continue reading

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Banner Reuse/Restore Day

This morning, I picked up my moulding from Quick Strip – and he did a great job. For $80 and a week of patience, four fluted window casings, three cornices and one sill have been stripped of many layers of … Continue reading

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Multiple Thicknesses – Who’d Have Thunk?

Yesterday, I dropped off with a local furniture stripper the original window casings, sills and cornices – which I think came out of the very room into which they’re going back – that I unearthed in the garage. By next … Continue reading

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