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Woodworker, writer, editor, teacher, ailurophile, Shakespearean. Will write for air-dried walnut.

Get Your Dovetails on in Atlanta

I, my tools and a lot of prepped cherry will be traveling to  Highland Woodworking in Atlanta on March 22-23 for a class in hand-cut dovetails – join me! Here’s the description from the Highland website: Make a Classic Shaker … Continue reading

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‘Of Saws in General’

Below is an excerpt from “Mechanic’s Companion,” by Peter Nicholson (which I dare say would make a lovely holiday gift for the woodworker or tool collector on your list). 45. Of Saws in general. Pl. 13. Fig. 6, 7, 8, … Continue reading

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Hallway Built-in Begins

After risking decapitation on the drive home from the lumberyard, I had to put my wee built-in project on hold for about two weeks. That gave me plenty of time to remove the splinters from my neck. But this week, … Continue reading

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Put the Nail(s) in the Coffin

I am dead tired…from building coffins (so at least I’m prepared). This weekend, I had six students in a coffin-making class at Lost Art Press. The project itself was a Halloween conceit; really, it was a class in sawing. Lots … Continue reading

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Grave Undertaking

This weekend, I’m teaching a coffin-making class – and those who choose to will re-purpose their pine boxes as bookcases until they’re needed for their intended purpose. (Mine is going on my front porch until Nov. 1; then I’ll add … Continue reading

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A Place to Put my Stuff

After finally “finishing” the worst drywall patching in the history of drywall patching, I’m ready to start on the built-in closet that will cover up my shoddy patch job and make use of this dead-end hallway on the backside of … Continue reading

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Jan.-June 2019 Classes at Lost Art Press

Originally posted on Lost Art Press:
Students in Will Myers’ October 2018 Shaker Candlestand class. I know it looks as if we’re running a woodworking school, but when classes aren’t going on (which truly is the majority of the time),…

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