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Slöjd in Slippers

Today, I’m diving into the Woodworking Hobo Life, copy editing in my sweatpants and slippers. I might shower. I might not. The cats seem pretty happy – they can now beg me for treats and canned food 24/7. I’m working … Continue reading

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Opinions Are Like Assh…

I’ve spent a frustrating couple of hours researching how best to adhere tile on plaster walls that are in decent shape…or will be shortly, after I’ve scraped off the loose bits of adhesive that was holding the hardboard in place, … Continue reading

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‘Woodworker’ & ‘Woman’ are Separate Nouns

(reposted from I’ve been trying for weeks to write this editorial; it is difficult to do because my idealist view competes with reality. I have long been ambivalent about woodworking shops and classes specifically for women, because I don’t … Continue reading

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Call me ‘Pig-Pen’

I don’t think Charles Schulz every revealed “Pig-Pen’s” given name; henceforth, let’s assume it’s Megan. Faced with a drain leak in my only working tub/shower, I called my plumber. I thought the junction from the P-bend-straight bit to the angled … Continue reading

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Banner Reuse/Restore Day

This morning, I picked up my moulding from Quick Strip – and he did a great job. For $80 and a week of patience, four fluted window casings, three cornices and one sill have been stripped of many layers of … Continue reading

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A Series of Renovation Mysteries

“The Case of the Disappearing Tape Measure” “The Mysterious Meow: The Cat That Got Trapped Under the Floor” “Out of Square: The House That Shifted in Six Dimensions” “Wedged for Eternity: The Case of the Immovable Cut Nail” “Plastered: The … Continue reading

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My Woodworking (Among Other Things) Mentor: Christopher Schwarz

I am extraordinarily lucky to have the job I do today, and to do work that I love. It is almost entirely due to Christopher Schwarz. In the summer of 2005, I notified my supervisor that I was leaving my … Continue reading

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