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A Place to Put my Stuff

After finally “finishing” the worst drywall patching in the history of drywall patching, I’m ready to start on the built-in closet that will cover up my shoddy patch job and make use of this dead-end hallway on the backside of … Continue reading

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Reader, I Did It

I’m headed back to Building Value on Monday morning to take apart then transport these columns and knee walls to my foyer…where they will no doubt sit for a little while before I get around to installing them. I decided … Continue reading

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Reader, Should I?

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I live in a circa 1906 house that I’ve been restoring from a 1950s two-family conversion back to a one family (which in my case consists of … Continue reading

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Smacked by the Stupid Stick

It is with much chagrin that I share an old-house renovation lesson that I’ve just learned the hard way. Today, my floor tile arrived. In prep for that installation, I need to install in the new doorway from my bedroom … Continue reading

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Sweet, Sweet Progress

Two days ago, my neighbor and expert tile guy Rick Wolf (Wolf Custom Tile), called me late in the day. “We have an opening in the schedule and can be there tomorrow to get started on your shower pan.” Never … Continue reading

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Two More Panels…or Not

I spent the weekend hanging mold-resistant drywall panels on the non-plastered walls in my bathroom (after hiring a pro to patch and finish-coat the two plaster walls). I can now barely shuffle to the coffee maker and ibuprofen cabinet after … Continue reading

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Opinions Are Like Assh…

I’ve spent a frustrating couple of hours researching how best to adhere tile on plaster walls that are in decent shape…or will be shortly, after I’ve scraped off the loose bits of adhesive that was holding the hardboard in place, … Continue reading

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