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Sneak Preview of Upcoming Classes

First, I’m not yet committing to an on-sale date for the classes below (with one exception – the Dovetailed Silverware Class at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks), but it will be soon – before the end of April. (I’ll announce the go-live date/time … Continue reading

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Silverware Tray in a Weekend

The headline is a bit of misstatement…because unlike my students, who did indeed start and finish their dovetailed silverware trays last Saturday and Sunday, I finally got around to gluing up mine today. (What can I say…I was busy teaching!) … Continue reading

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It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

I learned a valuable lesson today through shipping a Dutch tool chest to its new owner: Pack things in the smallest-possible-but-still-safe configuration. And build a crate – that would have been easier, and likely less expensive. And it sure would … Continue reading

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EAIA & ‘The Chronicle’

After almost two decades at the helm, Patty MacLeish is retiring after the June 2018 issue as editor of The Chronicle, the Early American Industries Association (EAIA) scholarly journal. I could not be more pleased to have been selected as … Continue reading

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Will Build (and Edit) to Suit

The majority of my income now comes from freelance editing (and I have some woodworking-related writing projects in the pipeline), but I also like to make stuff. I built a fair number of large pieces during my tenure as managing … Continue reading

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‘Elementary Turning’ by Frank Henry Selden

I have turning on the brain – because after my bathroom is done, I’m out of excuses to not turn my attention back to the front staircase and entryway. When I bought the house, the entryway was split alongside the … Continue reading

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A Thousand Cuts

As a freelance editor without a steady income, what better decision than to hire tiling professionals for the bathroom renovation, I ask you? I’ve tiled a couple of bathrooms myself, after all, and they turned out pretty nice. But one … Continue reading

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