I am Megan Fitzpatrick, a.k.a. @1snugthejoiner, a.k.a. editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Rude Mechanicals Press is the home of my (mostly) not-suitable-for-work musings.

I’m in the midst of restoring a 1906 home in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati, with the goal of retaining its architectural integrity while making it comfortable for 21st-century sensibilities … and living in it amidst the chaos of rehabbing. Here, I post photos and document the process – along with every headache and success.

There may be other stuff, too (I’d guess cats and Shakespeare).


6 Responses to About

  1. R.Lindh says:

    OK!!!Lets get started!!!!

  2. J ohn Horst says:

    How was the Four Roses Small Batch? I have not tried it, but I enjoy trying different types.

  3. J ohn Horst says:

    Great that the potential buyers are coming back-a good omen.

  4. Marc Lamm says:

    Megan, I tried your email link in Popular Woodworking but couldn’t make it work. I hope you won’t mind my telling you about a book I wrote about a process I call Curved Joinery. I don’t want to use up your reply section with a synopsis. Is there a way I can send you one?

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